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Wellness on-site
Wellness First will co-ordinate and implement onsite employee wellness screening services for your employees. Why? Well simply put,
Healthy employees are more productive & Healthy medical aid members cost medical schemes less money!
Integrated HIV/AIDS Service HIV/Aids
Wellness first offers Voluntary Counseling and Testing (nationally), Disease Management Enrolment, Follow up support, Disease Management and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
Training Programmes
Customised health information sessions on v
ariety of topics available.
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Wellness first strives to see companies and individuals transformed to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

We harness the power of prevention through quality point of care interventions, arrest the progression of disease and provide early risk identification.

Wellness First offers a national service to its clients within SA and cross border in some African countries as well.

How does one company

-   with 5 medical schemes,
-   with some employees not covered by any medical scheme,
-   and a total of 2000 employees
-   In 10 different locations nationally

ensure consistency of their wellness screening services and also ensure an integrated statistical risk analysis at the end of the project ? It’s simple, they use a professional and independent Service Provider!

Wellness First Pty LTD. We would love to meet with you and explain how this was done…..

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One stop shop screening is popular because it de-stigmatises HIV as a condition and an employee is able to see one health professional for their cholesterol, glucose and HIV screening. Enquire now so we can explain further


Values inherent in our approach

- Wellness is a strategic issue
- Education
- Treat people as individuals
- Motivate positive behaviour
- Never ostracise the sick
- Early risk identification
- Facilitate lifestyle change where needed
- Integrate all relevant company data
- Prove ROI

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